The pills don't do anything; but rearrange all the littlest things.


my brother is 21 years old and a chef in a 5 star restaurant and he still has dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for dinner every night so dont let anybody tell you how to live your life

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on my birthday im drinking tequila fuck it

Fuck old school
Fuck new school
Fuck not cool
Fuck too cool
Fuck hip and ironically lame
Fuck giving advice
Fuck trying to be nice
Fuck you and you know who you are

—Reel Big Fish, “Another FU Song” (via caecilius12)

And you may not remember.
It was nothing much at the time, but I kept it bottles inside.
Oh, and we all know how that goes,
I’d given up on letting go. So here we are, with nothing left dear, and now you’ve left here, and I was last to know.

Holy smokes, some say he’d given up the ghost but he wouldn’t do that.
I think he’s hiding in the background of his favorite photographs.
And he’s living as a beggar, or maybe a millionaire.
But the one thing that I’m sure of, is that he found some comfort there. And that’s fair…

'Cos they broke him down. Oh they broke him down.
So he can’t be my saint no more, he won’t be hanging around, oh no…

—"They Broke Him Down" - Toh Kay (via accessme)